WHAT IS UK 49’s?

UK 49’s, or 49’s as we all call it is a very popular fixed-odds-game that is played in the United Kingdom (UK). 49’s is played daily every day, twice during noontime (12h49) or the teatime (14h49). The timings vary due to the changing of seasons, but these are the standard times.

Two draws occur each day of the year, which means that players have the opportunity to win cash prizes two times a day. If you don’t take home an award in the lunchtime draw on the 49 You stand the chance to win an amount during the draw for the 49’s Teatime.

What makes the game of 49 distinct from other lotteries is you pick the number of numbers you’d like to choose and the amount of money you’d like to put into the game. The odds offered to you by the bookmaker is set. The goal of the game 49’s is to make sure you match all the numbers you choose with the numbers drawn during the daily draw to be able to claim the huge cash prize.

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Every day, the results of 49’s are airing daily on SIS (Satellite Information Services). SIS is a TV network that makes it simple for lottery players to get information about lottery draws. Every day, the 49 draws are presented by a presenter team in an exclusive studio in MediaCity (UK).

The lottery game was launched through 49’s Limited whose headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. The game was introduced in 1996 at the exact time when the first national lottery was introduced across the United Kingdom. 49’s can be played in any part of the world by using an established online gambling service.

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The players must be 16 or older to play the game across the United Kingdom. Scratchcards are purchased by players in order to participate, if they purchase it at a lottery retailer and the law stipulates that the person must be at least 16 years old and older to purchase a scratchcards. The age limit may be extended to 18 years or more in the upcoming review under the direction of authorities from the British government.

Age restrictions are a requirement for registration on the online gaming service. It is common for players to be at least 18 years old to be able to play online.

Where is the best place to play 49’s?

Tickets for 49’s can be purchased in the UK by visiting authorised lottery retailers or online with a reliable online betting site. Tickets purchased online for UK lotteries are only available to those who reside of the UK or Isle of Man and have an account in a registered UK banking account.

There isn’t a fixed cost for playing the game of 49’s. You decide how many numbers you would like to play, and the amount of money you’re willing to invest for every draw. The more you wager on 49’s the more chances you will take home.


The players decide how many numbers they wish to select and match between 1 and five. Pick only one number to win a modest cash prize or select all five numbers to win larger cash prize. To win cash prizes you must make sure you match all of the numbers that you select. There is no chance to win on two out of three matches, however you will get something on three out of three matches.

For every draw that has 49 numbers you can choose of placing a bet with a 6-number number or a bet of 7 numbers. The draw with a 6-number number is not a Booster number so your chances of winning are greater, however the potential payout from a lottery could be higher.

What’s what is the distinction between 49’s 6 number game and the 7-number game?

Both for the Lunchtime or Teatime drawing, players may select to play a six-number game or a 7-number game.

6-number game: the goal is to match 5 numbers drawn from six numbers with the probability of getting all five numbers is one out of 150000.

Seven-number game: The goal is to match 5 numbers and the Booster ball with 7 numbers. The chances of completing all five numbers and the Booster ball is 1 out of 50 000.

How much will a daily ticket for a 49’s game cost?

The 49’s Lunchtime and Teatime draws don’t have a fixed cost. You pick how as many numbers you’d like to select and the amount you’d like to bet for each slip of bets.


Six regular numbers as well as one booster number are selected from the range of one to 49 times each day: the 49’s Lunchtime and 49’s Teatime draws. The objective is match up the number you choose with random numbers drawn in every draw in order to be awarded cash during The 49’s Game.

Keep in mind that UK 49’s isn’t an everyday lottery. It’s a fixed-odds lottery. The payouts depend on the numbers you pick , the amount you have to pay to select these numbers as well as the odds that are set by the bookmaker.

For instance, if you pay R10 on a bet that has one match number with fixed odds of 6/1, you’ll be rewarded with R60.

The odds are reduced when playing the game of 7 numbers because it is a Booster. Booster comes in with the numbers that you have to match.

Bookmakers determine their own odds, so it’s essential to determine the odds offered by bookmakers prior to placing your daily bet


The 49’s Lunchtime and Teatime draws don’t have an actual jackpot. Instead, the winners are determined based on the amount a gambler bet in the draw.

The biggest amount you can be able to win in a draw for 49 all depends on the largest stake a betting organization would permit on daily draws.


The 49’s lunchtime draw takes place every day throughout the UK at 12:49 (GMT). Bets are accepted on 49’s game up to the draw.

Remember that the UK is a country that has Daylight Saving time which means the time of draw of South Africans changes every March and October.

From the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March:

UK draw time 12h49 GMT

SA draw time is 14:49. SAST

Last Sunday in March through the last Sunday in October

UK draw time 12h49 BST

SA draw time 13:49 SAST


The draw for 49’s Teatime takes place every day across the UK at 16:49 (GMT). Bets are accepted on 49’s Teatime game up to the draw.

Keep in mind that the UK enjoys Daylight Saving time which means the draw time for South Africans changes every March and October.

From the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March:

UK draw time 16h49 GMT

SA draw time is 18h49. SAST

Last Sunday in March through the last Sunday in October

UK draw time 16h49 BST

SA draw times 17h49 SAST


The 49’s fixed-odds, twice-a-day game is extremely well-known across the United Kingdom and it can now be played in the South via an authorized online betting company like Betway. You cannot purchase tickets to the game at any lottery retailer located in South Africa. You can only place bets on the game online.

The most efficient way to access the 49’s match is to download the Betway Mobile App. It’s easy to use, and specifically designed for Smartphones. This betting mobile app delivers up-to date updates on draws as well as the latest promotions in gaming.

Step-by-step instructions for placing bets in the UK 49’s South Africa

Choose an online betting site that provides games like the game of 49’s Lunchtime and Teatime game.

Select the draw you would like to take part in

Pick to choose to play the draw with the 6 numbers or the draw with 7 numbers

Select the number you’d like to choose and then mix them up between 1 and 5.

Enter the numbers you wish to play in the range of 1 to 49.

Decide how much you’d like to put on the draw

Make sure you have confirmed your bet and then pay


The state-run lottery in Britain was established under a an official license in 1993. It was administered by a private company called known as the Camelot Group, who was granted the lottery franchise in 1996. The 49’s fixed odds betting game was also introduced at the time, and it offers two draws each day of the year.

49’s Limited is a privately-owned business that operates 49’s under license. The company’s revenue is derived through subscription fees and the daily sales of tickets.



Choose 5 numbers using an R10 bet

The odds of drawing 6-numbers are approximate 1 in 150 000: 1

You win R1 500 000

Odds for an approximate 7-number game 50 000 : 1

You win R500 000

Choose 4 numbers and place an R10 bet

Probability of drawing 6 numbers 8 000: 1.

You win R80 000

Odds for an approximate 7-number lottery: 4500 1

You win R45 000

Pick 3 numbers using an R10 bet

The odds of a 6-number draw are 6 numbers: 650: 1.

You win R6 500

The odds of a 7-number lottery: 328: 1.

You win R3 280

Pick 2 numbers and place an R10 bet

Probability of drawing 6 numbers odds of 66 : 1

You win R 660

You win R450

Odds for an approximate 7-number drawing 45: 1.

Select 1 number with an R10 bet

The odds of drawing 6 numbers are approximate 6 : 1

You win R60

The odds of a 7-number-draw 5 : 1

You win R50


UK 49’s can be described as a form of gambling and there isn’t a precise method to determine the number which will be drawn every day. But you can boost your chances of winning a payout from a 49’s game by playing more frequently.

This can be done three ways:

You can join this game at a small fee (bulk or quarterly) to ensure you’re always in the draws for the 49’s.

Create a lottery pool at the workplace or with your family and friends to join your money. This lets you purchase more lottery tickets and increase your odds of winning cash prizes for those who are 49.

Join a lottery syndicate in which tickets are purchased in large quantities. A syndicate is able to increase purchasing power and participants take part in more draws frequently when they are part of an association. It is estimated that one out of every four lottery jackpots are taken home in the UK through the lottery syndicate.

Make sure to verify your daily lottery ticket. It’s astonishing how many lottery prizes aren’t claimed by lottery winners. Always put the name of your winner and number on the reverse of your ticket, in case you have to forfeit the ticket.


UK 49’s can be described as a fixed odds betting game that is not the lottery. The draw is held every day twice of the week , and all days of the year. There is no jackpot , the prize is determined by the numbers you pick and how closely they match to the numbers in the draw and the odds determined by the bookseller.

The players can choose up to five numbers from 1 to 5, which means there are five prize tiers and five chances to win cash prize in every lunchtime and teatime draw. UK 49’s is a lot of fun to play, and is affordable when you limit the number of numbers you choose and provides a decent chance to win money.


UK 49’s can be described as a chance-based game and there is no method to accurately predict the numbers that draw. There are a lot of myths floating around online that give the illusion that players can escape the odds and take home huge cash prizes.

Here are 10 lottery myths that you should know about: myths about the lottery:

Myth 1. You have more odds of winning the lottery, if make use of Quick Pick

The lottery system draws numbers with an algorithm that is random. Numbers chosen manually or through Quick Pick have an equal probability of drawing. There is no evidence to suggest that Quick Pick creates more winners. Quick Pick is easy to use and frees you from having to create yourself your numbers all every day.

Myth 2. Every number combination has the same chance of being successful

It is believed the idea that once you mix numbers the probabilities change and the likelihood for your number combination will depend on the structure. Certain combinations are likely to appear more frequently than others and certain combinations are less likely to occur.

The Myth #3: It is possible to determine the winning numbers by looking at past lottery results

The lottery doesn’t work with individual numbers. It is necessary to select the correct number of numbers to win cash prize. If you consider patterns in combination instead of individual numbers, and you apply mathematics using binomial coefficients, as well as a comprehensive probability analysis, it’s possible to find the most lucrative number combinations.

Myth 4: It is impossible to accurately predict the winning numbers in the lottery

The theory is to determine the performance of a pattern within a certain number of drawings by multiplying the probability divided by number of draws to determine an estimate.

The 5th Myth: Picking numbers that are hot increases your chances of winning

This is where the players select the most popular numbers that have been drawn over the last 100 draws. Based on the theory of probability that each number has a probability of being drawn, but in the event that a single number occurs at a higher frequency, the other numbers will be at or near the same manner over a huge number of draws.

Myth 6, the most profitable time to bet on your lottery ticket is during times when jackpots are large

In reality, this is the most unwise time to gamble on the lottery since large jackpots are a magnet for lottery players. There’s a chance should you win a large jackpot on a lottery with an enormous jackpot it will be necessary to share the prize with other lucky winners.

Myth 7: The number 13 is a lucky number

This is an old wives story since there aren’t any unlucky or lucky numbers. Each number has the same probability to be played.

Myth number 8: The prime numbers draw more frequently

Another argument is to focus on number combinations, not individual numbers. The fact is that playing all odd numbers, or all-even numbers lowers your chances to win a prize because numbers that are similar to this occur.

Myth #9: You shouldn’t try utilize dates to mark occasions that are special

Experts in the field of lottery advise that you should not use numbers that represent dates for birthdays, anniversary dates or the ages of your children since they’re poor numbers. This isn’t because they’re bad numbers, but rather because they’re likely to be utilized by a lot of others. That means that any jackpot winnings is likely to be shared among several players.

Myth 10: Choose numbers by visual patterns

The only reason to choose numbers on a board with patterns like the zig-zag or an up-down-sideways pattern is when you’ve exhausted your options to choose the numbers you want to pick. In this instance, select the QuickPick option, and the computer will generate random the numbers you need.



UK 49’s is based upon an odds-based structure that is more pure as winning chances. The number of numbers you choose as well as the amount you pay for drawing and the odds provided from the bookmaker decide the amount of money you can win in the 49’s two-day draw.

The table below gives an idea on the probability of winning and the potential profits from an R33 (US$2) bet. The information applies to those who bet on the 47’s Lunchtime as well as Teatime draws.

6-number-number game * wins include the initial wager of R33

Pick 4 66/1 odds You win R2 170
Pick 3 650/1 odds You win R21 378
Pick 2 8 000/1 odds You win R263 121
Pick 1 150 000/1 odds You win R4 933 530

7-number-game * winnings are included in the initially bet amount of R33

Pick 4 45/1 You win R1 480
Pick 3 328/1 odds You win R10 788
Pick 2 4 500/1 odds You win R148 005
Pick 1 50 000/1 odds You win R1 644 510


You must bet on the 49’s game to get cash prizes. This can be done by visiting a lottery retailer and taking out a scratchcard with 49’s or placing a place your bet online with a trusted online gambling service.

Do not fall for any lottery scams that promise you a prize that is not expected in a contest or lottery that you’ve never participated in.

How do scams in the lottery work?

Someone contacts you via email or text message phone to inform you that you’ve won some money in a contest with your name and contact details from a contest and/or research study. The person who contacts you asks for an amount to claim your prize , which will cover the cost of transfer the winnings to your account.

You’ll also be asked to supply your bank details to determine where the prize money will be distributed. The text or email is always urgent and you’re advised to respond promptly otherwise you risk losing the prize cash.

The scammers earn profits from the fee you pay them, or make use of your bank account information to wipe the bank accounts of your.

Many people fall for these lottery scams due to the fact that scammers have mastered the work they perform. They typically have gotten your personal information and make it appear as if it’s a genuine offer. Sometimes, scammers give you money as a part of the winnings’. The cheque may bounce, however, usually after you’ve given them more information and they have asked for the money for.

The warning signs of a fraud

You will receive a text, SMS, email or phone to inform you that you’ve won a guaranteed cash prize through a contest or lottery however you haven’t purchased tickets or participated in the contest.

The scammer says you’re winning with your the personal information you provide in your email as well as social media information that make it appear real.

To claim your prize the scammers will ask you to pay a tax or fee on the prize.

It is required to provide personal details like your identification number and contact information like a mailing address and bank information to facilitate the transfer via electronic.

What do you do if you are confronted by a lottery scammer

Do not take any action that seems suspicious. Don’t even respond to an email claiming you’ve won a huge prize in cash or some sort of expensive holiday, electronic goods or even presents.

Pay no fee to be a winner of an award. Ithuba National Lottery does not charge any fees for winning prize and the only way they have access to your bank account details is through the official Prize Claim Form that you must fill out.

Do not trust anyone who demands you pay them money or provide your bank card, credit card details , or copies of your private information as a payment for cash prizes.

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